Grantham Journal letter: Remembering Newton’s Legacy

Statue of Isaac Newton EMN-150121-173032001
Statue of Isaac Newton EMN-150121-173032001
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Isaac Newton’s early education at Woolsthorpe, then Grantham’s Kings’ School, were his stepping stones to Trinity College Cambridge.

We must now not forget that Kings’ School in the 17th century was a grammar school, built by Henry VIII much earlier, to teach arithmetic, geometry, history, Latin and scripture, and was very similar to today’s controversial grammars.

The question I therefore have is can our future geniuses, or even poets, thrive without these schools?

Whatever the answer, here’s my tribute to the great man.


Sixteen forty-two, that fateful Christmas day,

Sixteen forty-two, they all began to pray.

Country mired in civil strife,

Roundheads, Royalists fought for life.

A star appeared in Lincolnshire heralding a son,

a giant was born but no one knew that he would be the one.

Sickly baby’s mother, thankful prayers and joy,

Father though died before, never saw his boy.

Christened just Isaac in praise of father’s name,

With Newton though that name preceded his eventual fame.

Abandoned by his mother, tender age of three,

Maybe trauma made the baby what he came to be.

In Grantham he studied at Kings’ Grammar school,

As head boy was seen as nobody’s fool.

And then on to Cambridge and BA degree,

Rhis polymath also became an MP.

Laws he invented for light, force and motion,

His fame now did spread across nations and ocean.

Then there’s that apple’s descent from that tree,

‘Eureka’ he said and that’s ‘Gravity’.

Rod Hatherill

Lodge Way