Grantham Journal letter: Repairs are often being done twice!

Pothole problems.
Pothole problems.
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Having just read the comments of the county council’s area highways manager, Mark Heaton, saying how many potholes had been repaired in 2012/2013, one wonders how many have been done twice and how many will have to be done again, all at the taxpayers’ expense.

I have today reported by email to the highways department, the state of the road at the junction of Dysart Road and Westgate as you come out of Morrisons car park. We wait to see what response this brings from them.

Just recently I had two new tyres fitted and when the tracking was checked it was found to be a long way out and this cost me further expense. While it would be difficult trying to prove that it is the state of our roads that caused it, one doesn’t have to be a magician to work it out that it could well be a major factor.

Also, whilst on about our highways, whose responsibility it is to remove dead animal carcasses from the side of the road? There has been one for at least two weeks on the Belton bypass (A607) waiting to be removed.

Alan Ward

By email