Grantham Journal letter: Residents did trial a Road Traffic Order for a year

Parking problems in Grantley Street, Grantham.
Parking problems in Grantley Street, Grantham.
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I read with great interest the front page article in last week’s Journal regarding the problems residents are experiencing because of overparking on the terraced streets off Wharf Road.

I have sympathy with Mr Stormowski because it brought back a similar situation which developed around 1984, when British Rail electrified the line and Grantham was firstly promoted by South Kesteven District Council as a commuter town.

Residents at that time also had the same problem with parking by commuters, so we formed a Residents Association, mainly on the hard work of my late friend, Eileen Mills, who lived on Launder Terrace.

We had a number of meetings with Lincolnshire Highways Authority because we were told SKDC had no authority over parking on the highway. We also involved district and local councillors and sought the help of the Journal.

The departmental head of Lincolnshire Highways, at that time, was very sympathetic to the problem and understood the hardship the residents were subjected to. The outcome, after various public and committee meetings was that the five streets were granted a trial period for on street parking for residents only and a one-way system to alleviate the problem of the streets being used as a rat-run from London Road to Wharf Road and vice versa, both to be reviewed after a year.

Just before the end of the trial period of the parking restrictions, we were told by LCC Highways that to enable us to continue with the Road Traffic Order, the individual residents would have to subscribe and pay for the privilege to park outside their homes, without interference from other road users.

This really was a non-starter and just the administration would have been a nightmare to organise. So, after the year the parking restrictions ceased along with the Residents Association.

So, to Krystian, good luck. It has been overcome before and the good thing is that there is a precedence and there should be details in the Journal’s 

Contact the various authorities and make them come up with solutions.

You cannot have a situation where a local authority promotes the town for development and at the same time invites a new generation of commuters, allowing the 
quality of life for local residents in the station area to suffer.

Paul Gibbins

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