Grantham Journal letter: Restricted parking is the solution

Parking problems in Grantley Street.
Parking problems in Grantley Street.
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The solution to the Grantley Street parking problem, together with other streets adjacent to the railway station, has a simple solution.

The affected areas are made the subject of a restricted parking order prohibiting parking for more than 60 minutes between noon and 2pm on weekdays. This has the advantages of sending all-day parkers to designated sites, allowing those who want to do a morning’s or an afternoon’s shopping in Grantham to do so, without shuffling their vehicle between time-limited retail sites, and allowing residents to return to their homes at lunchtime for a break. A warden only needs to patrol for two hours to regulate parking for the whole day.

It seems short-sighted of the council to encourage those who live out of town and work even further afield to undermine the retail and business economy of the borough by encouraging “free” parking all day and every day.

This system works very successfully close to Nottingham University and the Queens’ Medical Centre.

Nicholas Kerry

Beacon lane, Grantham