Grantham Journal letter: Results were a shambles

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I have to write in disgust at the organisers who were involved in the scoring process for the under-9s group in Grantham Athletics competition held at The Meres Leisure Centre on Sunday, March 10.

After the competition had been completed, the organisers announced the results and awarded the prizes accordingly. However, during the process they announced that there was a glitch and some of the results may have to be altered and prizes changed accordingly.

So they awarded all the certificates and medals and first place trophy, then afterwards called the under-9 competitors who had received prizes back and then reshuffled the awards. This resulted in the first place girl having her trophy and medal revoked and demoted to third place. One girl dropped out of the top six altogether and one girl was demoted from fourth to sixth place.

The disappointment was plain to see and the girls responded with a professional and mature attitude. I find that amazing after the cruelty meted out by the organisers.

These girls had been proud to receive their awards after months and months of hard work, only to have the embarrassment of having these altered in front of family, friends and well-wishers.

The organisers should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves and at the very least should apologise unreservedly to every competitor. I was ashamed to witness this lack of professionalism and was really upset at the despair of the girls who showed fantastic sportsmanship and took the disappointment extremely well. They were a credit to their sport, family and tutors.

Let’s hope next year we see the same professionalism from the organisers or, better still, a new organising team altogether.

Well done girls, Grantham is proud of you all!

Stephen Whyles

Walton Gardens, Grantham