Grantham Journal letter: Roads unable to take load

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Further to a recent letter on the subject of whether HGVs are causing the roads to break up.

It is partly right, but the problem comes from years ago when the roads were laid, being put down for a few light cars and that was all. Now we have extremely large and heavy lorries on roads that were not made to take the loads they now have to carry.

If the council had kept up to date with the progress of the town and made the roads fit for modern day traffic, we wouldn’t have this problem. Look at Alma Park Road, put down many years ago and only a little bit has been repaired with any amount of trouble. The rest has not been touched and it carries huge lorries with sand, gravel and cement. The road is starting to break up with all this pounding and no one is bothered.

It has been stated that tarmac roads are only good for 20 years at the outside. After that it needs to be ripped up completely and redone. But councils never thought about this when it could have been done cheaply, so now it’s costing them a lot more because the road foundation is going as well as the surface.

A. Leeton

Harrowby Lane, Grantham