Grantham Journal letter: Saddened KGGS is not taking part

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I was shocked and saddened to hear that Kesteven and Grantham Girls’ School is not participating in this year’s Rock Challenge.

As a former member of the team, I know how important it is to the girls involved and to the school as a whole. I am therefore left puzzled by the decision to cut it.

KGGS actively support the notion of family, however it appears to be that if you are doing anything vaguely different than applying to be a member of the ‘Oxford and Cambridge’ family then you are not supported.

Being part of the Rock Challenge team allows a welcome break from the copious amounts of academic work demanded by A-levels, allowing for team building and simply having a bit of fun with your peers!

My sister is currently part of the team. I have seen first hand how hard all thecrew have worked this year, starting rehearsals in summer. It would be a travestry to see all their hours of dedication simply brushed aside.

I strongly hope that the school reconsiders its actions, and for once takes into account the well-being of its truly marvellous students.

Penny Macgown

Former KGGS student