Grantham Journal letter: Sentence is an affront to the people of this country

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The recent report on the case whereby a Grantham man was given a few months in prison, to run concurrent to his nine year sentence, passed on him for a previous very violent offence, is an affront to the people of Grantham and the country.

This perverse way of dealing with criminals who are a serious threat to the public has to be stopped.

A person of criminal intent and wanton for violence has free gratis to harm whomever he wants safe in the knowledge that he is likely to get his wrist slapped, or get way with it, if he commits such a violent offence in the interim period from being sentenced to nine years and trial or sentence for the second very serious offence. In fact a deal is on the table if he pleads guilty, safe in the knowledge he has got nine years and the court is unlikely to increase it.

In short, a licence to bash whoever he wants with no fear on him of facing the more appropriate sentence of life in prison, which would be appropriate in such cases.

What happened to the two strikes and out life sentence for those who commit violent offences and are a real threat to public safety?

John Bennett-Collins

Ex-Grantham resident