Grantham Journal letter: Site would benefit from an attraction

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I read online your story about the Fox Inn.

I live in South Witham. I work for a gambling/arcade company. We sometimes dine at the OK Diner.

I have never been in the Fox Inn due to it looking run down and maybe closed even. But I agree, I think the site could benefit mainly from some sort of an attraction like an ‘arcadium’ (for adults and children).

I think the main priority is travellers passing through – somewhere to rest up. Then I would look to attract the locals to use the facilities as an attraction (that travellers can also use to unwind or relax).

Second priority would be cheap overnight stay, like a motel, and yes, maybe fast food (or takeaway) services as there is nothing like it for 10 miles (but I wouldn’t want to take service away from the OK Diner). In fact, I’d consider trying to work with the OK Diner to send business their way.

I would also consider a VIP lounge for frequent returning members that can benefit from the personal touch, like staff knowing how that customer likes to be taken care of etc.

I think this could be accomplished without knocking the Fox Inn down. But it would benefit more from starting with a new canvas.


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