Grantham Journal letter: SKDC failed to act when told of litter

Rubbish piled up in the alley way between Oxford Street and College Street.
Rubbish piled up in the alley way between Oxford Street and College Street.
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Regarding your article on rubbish in College Street/Oxford Street and that of overflowing rubbish bins, I would like to make the following observations.

We have for many months now, been bringing to the attention of South Kesteven District Council the amount of rubbish and dog fouling on our streets in the town centre and surrounding areas. This has been by visits to the council offices and by email.

We have specified areas for investigation and clean up and, as yet, no action has been taken by the council.

The council has a link on its website for reporting dog fouling, alas no link for reporting rubbish, you get a reply but nothing happens.

We walk into town via Dysart Road, and on the return journey via Barrowby Road, two or three times a week. On each road we collect at least three, usually four, large carrier bags of rubbish (cans, beer bottles, take away trays and cups, (most things that will not break down) and on occasions find the litter bins full to overflowing - very annoying! We have reported this to the council many times. Guess what? As far as we can tell, little is done.

Some businesses on Dysart Road, ie Grantham Bowl, the Matalan complex, and to a lesser degree Oceans, have large amounts of rubbish on their land fronting on to the pavements. This was reported to the council. The reply we received was, that as it was on private land, they had no authority to empower the businesses to clean up the litter. I have found out since that this is incorrect, as under the Environmental Protection Act 1990, they do have such powers. Having brought this to the attention of the council by email, I am still awaiting a reply.

Another bone of contention is the amount of cigarette butts that litter our streets, usually outside pubs and nightclubs, but one of the worst areas was outside SKDC offices and in Abbey Gardens. We reported this but have not yet checked to see if improvements have been made.

Your two articles in the Journal have been welcome, however, it makes us realise that the problem is far worse than we feared.

Keep up the good work and hopefully SKDC will get the message, but don’t hold your breath!

Ian Saddington

Warwick Close, Grantham