Grantham Journal Letter: Slow service at the Post Office

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On the back of my Grantham Post Office pension receipt recently, I noticed they wanted feedback on how they performed.

I then went online and said “all I ever get is unacceptable slow service”.

I understand that the ‘political’ closure of various ‘uneconomic’ post offices in the past has not helped the situation, but why do OAPs always have to queue?

I now have to drive, park somehow and walk further just to get my pension.

The Post Office may be more profitable now, but they’ve transferred their costs (and CO2 emissions) onto us; nice one!

When our loony government finally decides to implement EU Directive 97/67/EC and sells them off to Deutsche Post, or some other multi-national, I expect we’ll all be queueing still, but in the rain at a cash dispenser; job done!

Rod Hatherhill

Lodge Way,