Grantham Journal letter: Slow to react when faults are reported

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I read with interest the report in the Journal with regards to the £89,919 of taxpayers’ money paid out by LCC highways in relation to damage caused to people’s vehicles.

Over the weeks I have also read about people’s frustrations in relation to this department.

In relation to the monies paid out by highways, it is little wonder that the figure is so high when these people do not even act when road defects are reported.

In April I reported a large set of potholes on the Avenue Road/Castlegate junction (outside the council offices) and the road surface was deteriorating over an 18ft area at the Welham Street/Avenue Road junction. Highways told me that they were aware as these defects had already been reported. After a month nothing had happened, so I telephoned again only to be told that they had no record of any problems with the road at these locations. So I again reported the defects and was given a reference number.

Throughout the summer I telephoned highways once a month as the problems had not been rectified.

On July 17, I had a conversation with a senior manager, Mark Heaton, who told me that he had seen the Welham Street road that day but he was not aware of the other problem outside the council offices.

Within 24 hours of his visit to Welham Street the road had been fixed, but sadly his merry men could not take a wheelbarrow full of tarmac 100 yards up the road to the top of Avenue Road to carry out a repair there; that took until September 10, 11 days short of five months of when I was told that highways were on the case.

Then, of course, we have the issue of the works at Belton Lane and Bridge End Road. One has to ask why, in view of the chaos that has been caused in this town to business and the public, highways staff were not working in shifts from 7am to 10pm seven days a week.

On Saturday, September 21, at 4.20pm I passed the Bridge End Road site and there was not a workman to be seen.

The days of large overtime payments are gone; if highways can’t find a British worker to work long hours, there are plenty of Poles and Lithuanians who gladly will, and do a better job.

Having seen the finished product at Belton Lane, I have to ask (especially in a time of austerity) was it really worth it?

I would like to finish with a quote from highways’ own website in that they “Aim to provide a high quality of customer service throughout the county”!

Mr D. A. Cross

Saltersford Road, Grantham