Grantham Journal letter: Solution is to find a better location

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It is about time that people stop branding others as racist when they want to talk about religion. I’ve read some comments that sound perfectly reasonable, but are deemed by others to be racist.

I am not a racist, although I’m pretty sure I will be told that I am.

I am opposed to the centre being built, just there. It should not be built at that location. The parking issue is a highly valid one. It’s hard enough to park on Alexandra Road at the best of times anyway. The truth is that nowhere in Grantham town centre is suitable, and not just for an Islamic centre, but for anything. We already have major congestion issues without unduly adding to it.

To balance this argument we must look at other locations for this centre to be built.

I know that there is some land near to the Gala Bingo and Cathodic Protection buildings, off Trent Road. I don’t know if that land is up for sale, but it’s certainly large enough to have its own larger car park. Or maybe in the Alma Park Industrial Estate? I know that suggestion may sound a bit callous ( a religious building being put in an industrial estate), but the benefits are good.

There are a few units that are empty and could be filled, or demolished and the centre can be built. The parking would not disrupt anyone really as come 5pm, the workers would be going home, so parking isn’t an issue.

So there are solutions to this, dare I say it, problem of where to put this centre, rather than saying we shouldn’t have it at all. All it requires is for people to put down the racist placards and let’s see if we can reach a compromise.

Paul Wilson

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