Grantham Journal letter: Spare a thought for residents

Belvoir House Care Home, Grantham.
Belvoir House Care Home, Grantham.
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I would just like to comment on the report in the Journal last week headlined “Care home criticised over fall from window” as I feel it was not a fair balance on where the home is now and how the home has improved.

While my heart goes out to the poor family concerned I cannot comment on that as I do not know what happened.

However I can comment on the home now as my mother has been in Belvoir House for the past three months.

My family and I go once/twice every day to visit mum, day and night.

It was a difficult decision to put mum in a home but the family after looking at many homes in Grantham felt Belvoir met her needs.

We have found Tom the manager to be very professional, understanding and works very hard with residence, staff and families to make Belvoir a good, friendly, family home which provides quality care with choice to meet individual needs. All the care staff who currently work there are working very hard to raise standards.

While what happened is so sad, please give the manager and staff credit for turning the home around.

We also have to spare a thought for the residents who currently live at the home 
as the negative comments about the home have made an old lady frightened that the home is going to be shut down and where will her and her friends go as she loves it in Belvoir?

While the Journal needs to print the news they should also report on improvements that have been made and should have possibly got the views of some resident and family who live there now.

I believe Belvoir have an open day on June 17 - it would be nice to see the Journal there and the people with negative comments to look for themselves and have chance to speak to residents, family and staff.

C Dickinson