Grantham Journal letter: Spare some thought for the residents

Parking problems in Grantley Street.
Parking problems in Grantley Street.
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I live on Grantley Street and parking is a nightmare!

I understand why the commuters park there as the train station car park charges are extortionate.

However, the commuters don’t give a care in the world for anyone else who needs to park. They take up two spaces, park a foot away from the kerb or with their back ends sticking out so, with the road being so narrow, you can’t get into the space anyway. This also leads to the binmen being unable to collect the bins because they can’t get the lorry down the street.

If there isn’t a majority of residents wanting spaces, they could give them to the residents who do want them first and rent the others out to the commuters.

Even if a residential parking scheme isn’t granted, painting parking bays on to the street would be a help, then at least people would realise that they are driving a hatchback, not a Range Rover!

We are fed up of driving round and round trying to find a space close enough to our homes so we can get our children and shopping home in one go.

I am also fed up – if I have had to park slightly on a double yellow line – of spending my day checking to see if a space has become available before I get a ticket!

A little consideration from the commuters/town shoppers wouldn’t go amiss, nor would a little leniency from the traffic wardens!

Charlie Yates

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