Grantham Journal letter: Staff are the best in town

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I would like to praise the staff at Swingbridge Doctors’ Surgery for the fantastic work they do.

On entering the surgery you are always greeted with a smile and, more often than not, greeted by your full name which shows a personal, caring touch.

Very rarely are you kept waiting in a queue to book in as the receptionists are quick off the mark to book you in, even if dealing with another patient at the time.

Nothing is too much trouble it seems and even when they are dealing with rude, awkward patients, they never seem to lose their patience and understanding manner.

Quite often I have left it until the last minute to order my repeat prescription and I have still managed to get my medication on time, due to the professionalism by which these girls work.

They are a credit to the surgery and deserve all the praise they can get.

Thank you for being the best doctors’ surgery in town.

J. Anderson

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