Grantham Journal letter: Strange decisions are affecting local political scene

Mayor of Grantham Ian Selby EMN-140626-143309001
Mayor of Grantham Ian Selby EMN-140626-143309001
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During my enforced absence from “The Scene”, which should be for not much longer, I have had time to review some of the changes made.

It would appear that two members of the Conservative Party have been hounded out of their positions and wards and replaced with “New Blood”. You could not meet two more loyal persons in the party. Agreed, sometimes their views and attitudes were of their own, but they supported the party and their respective wards one hundred per cent.

There was a time when “New Bloods” were given a ‘difficult’ ward to cut their teeth on; this was not the case in this situation.

Rules “appear” to have been bent a little, whereby “New Bloods” have been allocated to wards, bypassing the interview stage, and prospective candidates have not had the manners, or good sense, to contact sitting members to get a ‘feel’ for the ward.

However, there does appear to be a move towards normality, in that Stuart McBride is attempting to return to the council, as he is standing for election in the St Vincent’s (the old St Anne’s) ward. Stuart served as an Independent on the Earlesfield ward. His job as a PCSO prevented him from being adopted by a political party. Now retired, he has decided to stand as a Conservative candidate. Stuart brings with him a wealth of experience and commitment and, if elected, the ward can look forward to a member who will work tirelessly on their behalf.

In closing, it would appear that this form of ‘political suicide’ is not limited to the Conservative Party. To even consider the deselection of Ian Selby and Bruce Wells is both ill-judged and, I hope, greatly unpopular with the local public. They both show true loyalty to their party and work hard on its behalf. Does the fact that Ian has been one of our hardest working mayors mean nothing?

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