Grantham Journal letter: Support the campaign

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What a breath of fresh air from Nick Boles. A politician actually proposing something practical, sensible and in language we can all understand.

He knows that people coming into town to shop want to park close to the shops. That’s one of the main reasons Downtown car park is always full. It’s the convenience. Basically, we are all lazy and want to take our cars as close to our destination as we possibly can.

The opposite of Nick Boles’ clearly expressed proposal is the council’s response. A lot of sums showing us how much it is going to cost us all, together with lots of reasons why it will not work. How predictable.

Doesn’t Coun Neal get it, the town centre is dying before our very eyes. Nick Boles is suggesting a very practical, simple way to help stop this, and it can be put into operation immediately.

If the council lose revenue from it, then let them take a look at themselves and re-cut their cloth accordingly.

It may not set the town centre on fire with teeming extra customers immediately, but it will surely be a first step in the right direction to stop the rot. If the council say it will have no effect, let them ask the retailers of Bourne what effect losing their free parking would have on them.

I urge everyone interested in Grantham’s economic wellbeing to go online and show support for Nick Boles’ campaign.

William Balderson

By email