Grantham Journal letter: Surprised by service cuts

Scene Setters : Grantham Hospital.
Scene Setters : Grantham Hospital.
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I recently saw doctors at Grantham Hospital and the treatments I needed were at other hospitals. This came as a surprise.

Whereas I appreciate the need for economies within the NHS, I am very concerned that Grantham Hospital now has reduced facilities. I feel this is a major cause of concern for the people of Grantham and its catchment area.

How long will it be before the Journal announces Grantham Hospital is to close?

I had to use NHS transport to the other hospitals, that is another expense for the NHS.

If there are further houses to be built along the proposed East/West bypass, then the need for Grantham Hospital will be greatly increased due to an increase in population.

The residents of Grantham need to save their hospital now, before a closure 
announcement occurs.

Mr F. S. Jessop