Grantham Journal Letter: Tax-payers’ money wasted on silence

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I’m outraged at the behaviour of East Midlands Strategic Health Authority and once again, according to BBC Radio Lincolnshire, our erstwhile MP was, as usual, “unavailable for comment”. What a surprise!

Nearly a million pounds of tax-payers’ money, which should have been used to care for the sick in Lincolnshire, was misappropriated to silence a man of principle and protect at least two senior people, who put targets before patients.

They were promoted to the top of the NHS, one of whom, according to the national newspapers, is now in charge of the new Commissioning Board for the GP-led NHS. The other is the head of the NHS, presumably appointed by this coalition Government.

It is no wonder Nick is unavailable for comment! What about, “Sack those two at the top and put Gary Walker in charge”? That would be an appropriate comment. Not many brownie points in that though is there Nick?

Carol Abraham

Valley Road,