Grantham Journal letter: Team strives to be more competitive

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As members of staff who have supported Rock Challenge at KGGS in recent years, we were saddened to read the letter in last week’s Journal.

KGGS does value Rock Challenge and sees it as a great opportunity to involve a large group of students whose enthusiasm is for dance. The KGGS Rock Challenge Family is a close knit community which brings students of all ages and talents together. It’s not just about dance; it’s about set design, costumes, make-up, sound track, stage management and much, much more. KGGS really does value this and fully appreciates the positive impact Rock Challenge has on our whole community. We have no intention of turning our back on the Rock Challenge Family but want to perform more competitively in the future. We have decided not to participate this year but are already making our entry for next year.

In recent years we have performed in the Premier Division. Our performances look spectacular when performed at the Meres Leisure Centre, but when we compete at the Northern Finals against teams from the North of England, Ireland and Scotland, we are outperformed every year by teams that are better prepared. The fact is that we are neither well enough prepared nor performing at the level required in order to compete at the right level this year. Rather than give an uncompetitive performance this year and be disappointed, we are hoping to raise our game and perhaps make the top six next year, better prepared.

The Oxbridge comment was completely unfair and misinformed. Typically 100-plus KGGS students go to universities each year, admittedly more than 50 per cent do go to the top selecting universities. Typically only three or four students gain places at Oxbridge. This last year, 89 per cent of our Y13 gained places at their first choice university.

One or two students who will be leaving this year are disappointed and being quite negative. The rest of the Rock Challenge Family is looking forward to continuing to meet regularly and preparing for a spectacular performance next year. Watch this space.

Rock Challenge Committee