Grantham Journal letter: Tesco store is good news

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With regard to the letter by Mark Ashberry (Journal, October 26), what’s his problem?

He feels that it’s undemocratic of Tesco to buy up a pub that the brewery decided to close because it wasn’t making a profit, and change it into a shop. Did he expect Tesco to get his permission first?

It would appear that Tesco went about it the right way, and while I personally don’t like Tesco, you can’t fault them for that.

He says that the closure of the pub, with its (nearly always empty) children’s play area is an irreplaceable loss of leisure amenity for local families. I only went in twice and the language being thrown around the bar made me bring my family out.

Believe me, breweries do not close pubs that make a profit and if the lack of profit was due to the threatening attitude in the customers, then they don’t deserve a local pub.

Why would a new Tesco impact on the nearby Co-operative, the post office (?) and the shops on New Beacon Road? Has he never heard of competition? Also, he seems to think that anti-social behaviour will be generated by an additional retail outlet with a licence to sell alcohol. What did the pub have a licence to sell - dandelion and burdock?

He really should pull himself from up his own backside, forget that he’s been on the council for nearly five minutes and look on the good side.

An eyesore of a pub has gone and in its place will be a shop that my wife and I will be able to walk to, as will other disabled, local people, due to the other shops being out of our walking reach.

Also, it will probably employ more staff than the pub ever did, which is good news for the many unemployed in his “electoral ward”. Nuff said.


Chaucer Close, Grantham