Grantham Journal letter: Thank you Grantham Taxis

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In response to the article in the Journal, October 19, while being sympathetic to the experiences of the Garner family, I should like to share my own experiences with the taxi firm in question and its staff.

In recent years I have suffered increasingly from osteoarthritis, culminating in April of this year in hip surgery and an unexpectedly prolonged period of convalescence and two additional spells in hospital.

Over this period of time I have made extensive use of Grantham Taxis, including the hospital car, and have experienced nothing but help, kindness and care, well beyond the call of duty. Following my stays in hospital their drivers have cheerfully transported me, my daughter and a variety of equipment, ranging from a wheelchair and walking frame to crutches and walking sticks. At no time has any driver behaved with anything but care, kindness or consideration and have allowed me to move at my own pace. I have never heard a word of complaint from them, nor have I ever been asked to pay what I would regard as an excessive fare.

Prior to my surgery, when I had mobility problems, every driver made great efforts to set me down or pick me up at the safest and most convenient points possible.

My daughter would like to join me in thanking everyone at Grantham Taxis for their kindness and patience. As she lives some considerable distance from Grantham, she has always felt reassured to know that I have received such thoughtful service.

I have always recommended the firm to others and shall continued to do so.

Carry on cabbies.

Mrs M. Walker

Grantham Road

Great Gonerby