Grantham Journal letter: Thanks for identification

Iron artifact found at Wyndham Park.
Iron artifact found at Wyndham Park.
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Thank you to all the people who left feedback for us as to the identity of the ironwork found at the corner of Wyndham Park, near the electricity substation.

At the time it was removed no photograph was taken of it in situ and since it wasn’t really the sort of place you would photograph, we do not have that evidence of exactly how it was positioned.

However, I am inclined to agree with the suggestions of it being the mechanism to tighten fence cables, as it was against the fence post and lined up with the edge of the field and pavement. I have a picture of the approximate area showing a metal fence similar to the ones all around the Belton estate, but nothing with wire that would be tensioned.

Many thanks once again for the identification.

Elizabeth Bowskill

Secretary, Wyndham Pk Forum