Grantham Journal letter: Thatcher statue could go on church spire

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Reading comments in the Journal (March 22) has made me realise that there is a perfect place in Grantham to put the statue of Margaret Thatcher ... on top of St Wulfram’s Church spire!

Nay! Mock ye not! It would actually kill several birds with one stone. Firstly, the steeple would need to be strengthened even more than currently proposed, to be able to bear such a unique and historic ‘Iron Lady’. So the current spire appeal would be boosted by money donated in aid of the statue. Tourists from all over the globe would also help to provide for future maintenance and restoration of our wonderful church and statue as well as local businesses.

Not only would Grantham’s greatness be enhanced by having produced the country’s first female Prime Minister, but also the world’s first ever woman weather vane, while Maggie would be truly in her element - forever looking down on her devoted subjects ... and the rest of us.

Oh! I got so excited about the prospects, I almost forgot! Such a position would obviously render the dangers of vandalism almost impossible; unless there are any qualified local steeplejacks, or one of the would-be vandals possessed a bazooka!

The only other threat might be from a protest flypast and bombing raid by St Wulfram’s famous falcons.

Peter Clawson

Welham Street, Grantham