Grantham Journal letter: Thatcher statue won’t benefit town

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I think it is safe to say that anyone who thinks tourism is going to result from the erection of a statue of Thatcher, is probably living in cloud cuckoo land.

As a result of Cameron, Osborne and Boles’ slavish dedication to so-called free market economics, or Thatcherism as we know it, the town has a multitude of empty emporia to look at.

An almost deserted (if today is anything to go by) town centre.

The out of town free market superstores flourishing might make a nice visitors’ centre. Even those have empty stores and not even the execrable Mary Portas can stop that.

The empty building site that was once a thriving business park off Albert Street, is a fine testament to Maggie’s free market fanaticism.

They could, of course, help the citizens of Grantham count the potholes around the town.

Personally I loathe Maggie and all she stood for.

All I ask is that no public money be used to erect any statue.

The economic wasteland that is Grantham, is testament enough to Thatcherism. Let them worship any statue by erecting it where Grantham used to thrive.

Anthony Hindmarch

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