Grantham Journal letter: Thatcher statue would be problematical

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I feel the introduction of a statue of Margaret Thatcher could prove problematical.

It would be a tourist attraction - as would the museum.

Perhaps a blue plaque on the wall of the original corner shop that was once Mr Roberts’ shop may be an alternative.

There was a statue of Margaret Thatcher MP/PM in the area of the House of Commons. It was decapitated. There are persons who still feel very aggrieved at the changes she effected. Those changes caused many considerable problems.

The current economic problems today (caused by the banks with executives still unpunished and receiving obscene bonuses) are not dissimilar to the economic malaise created in the Thatcher Watch.

Perhaps the siting of the proposed statue should be given great thought and deliberation. Vandalism is likely to occur in the future.

There were some effective useful changes during her premiership, but I still meet many people throughout the world who truly hate what she did to Great Britain.

Mr F. S. Jessop

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