Grantham Journal letter: The club has never been in better state

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I write in response to the letter in last week’s Journal regarding Grantham Town Football Club.

It is sad and cowardly that someone has to hide behind a pseudonym, namely ‘The Ref’, who is concerned about GTFC.

They also have not got their facts right about many aspects regarding the club - the Sporting Dinner on September 5 did make a profit, and the club is aware and more financially astute than it ever has been in regards to the cost of running the club and meeting the players’ wages. In fact, we have a financial safety net in place for any eventuality.

The management style of the club has been, since I have been involved - firstly as the CEO and now as the chairman - transparent, open, honest, and communicating at all times with everyone associated with the club. In the past six months the club has made sweeping changes to improve every aspect of the organisation. The club has never been in a better position as it is today with the progress and development both on and off the field.

I invite ‘The Ref’, whose statement is so incorrect, to come and discuss any concerns with myself and all the board, for the truth, the facts and the strong position we are in today.

We pride ourselves that the club is run so professionally by those who have been successful in the game, such as myself, by a united board with new vision, direction, leadership, strength and set objectives.

It is a shame that ‘The Ref’ cannot put the same amount of effort into assisting us take the club to the next level as they have spent being negative, damaging and factually incorrect.

Barrie Pierpoint


Grantham Town Football Club