Grantham Journal letter: The whole service was excellent

Grantham Hospital.
Grantham Hospital.
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Around 1am on Monday morning I felt very poorly, had difficulty breathing and a tightness in my chest.

I rang the 111 helpline, the phone was answered immediately and I explained the problem to the operator who said that I should be seen. He took my details and said leave it with him.

Within 10 minutes two paramedics (firemen) were at my home and 10 minutes later an ambulance car arrived. They examined me, blood pressure,pulse and ECG and yes I should go to hospital and an ambulance was called.

On arrival at Grantham Hospital I was attended to straight away. I had several ECG’s, given a nebuliser,then taken for x-rays,placed on a drip,blood and urine samples were taken. After all the tests were completed I was given the appropriate medication and then a final ECG. The doctor then gave me further medication to take home.

The whole service was excellent. The 111 operator, the fire brigade, the ambulance services, the nurses, the doctor and the x-ray lady. I thank you all.

DM Richards

Barleycroft Road

Corby Glen