Grantham Journal Letter: The worst place for dog mess

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Further to recent correspondence about dog mess.

As someone who is a newcomer to town, I wonder how many people realise how bad the problem is here?

I have lived in London (35 years), Cambridgeshire, and Grantham (three years).

Without any question of doubt, this is the worst place for dog waste. Litter is also on a par with London.

As for the people who are bagging their pet’s waste, then throwing it on the floor, what is their rationale? I regularly pick up a carrier bag of litter in five minutes along Hills and Hollows to Harrowby Playing Field route.

If social responsibility doesn’t work, license someone to fine. A profit would be guaranteed.

Also add a few dog bins around the area.

From a dog owner who does the right thing.

Alan Pope

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