Grantham Journal letter: This will not benefit town

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In the aftermath of Mrs Thatcher’s death in April, I made no comment whatsoever. I did not join in with all the grave stomping comments because to do so would have been most offensive to the Conservative community. So I am most thankful to my parents who taught me old fashioned values of respect, dignity and courtesy. My friends will tell you that I only give short shrift to people who are rude to myself.

I have many friends who vote Conservative and we occasionally differ with our political views. However, I would not dream of offending the Conservative community here in Grantham by imposing upon the in a dictatorial manner, a statue of a Labour political icon and certainly not without the courtesy of asking them first.

Thatcherite policies divided communities. People actually died because of her policies, such as over 50 suicides because of the Child Support Agency, a policy supposedly to help children, but only supported the Treasury. People who suffered from her policies do not want a constant reminder in the form of an insensitive and offensive statue.

Margaret Thatcher expressed the view that she did not want a statue of herself here in Grantham, so why are a small element of Tory supporters insistent upon going against Mrs Thatcher’s wishes and intent on offending many others in the process. They could not care less who they offend. Yet I am castigated for having a sense of decency for others. Have they nothing better to do?

A monument of The Mallard would make a much better tourist attraction but just like Thatcher’s policies, it disappoints me that this proposed statue continues to divide our community, instead of us all working together on far more important issues for the benefit of our town, a place that some of us love dearly.

Coun Ian Selby

Harrowby Ward