Grantham Journal letter: Treated with the best of care at Grantham Hospital

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Having recently spent a few days in Grantham hospital after a second total hip replacement, I would like to thank Mr Singhania and his team and all the staff on Ward 5 for their care, kindness and professionalism.

It must be very demoralising for all of the staff to know that the hospital has been put under “special measures” and worrying for patients about to undergo surgery. I would like to reassure them that I received the best of care.

Although there seemed to be no shortage of nurses on Ward 5 to attend to all our needs, I do know that other departments are short of staff.

The chief executive of the NHS Trusts says that all hospitals on his list are going to be inspected by a team of doctors, nurses and patients. Why does he not spend that money on training and recruiting more staff to improve our hospitals?

No more inspections, consultations or surveys – they are just a waste of time and money. Actions, not words, are needed!

I hold the Government totally responsible for this state of affairs. How they can award themselves a 12 per cent pay rise when they are cutting back on vital services; makes me wonder how they can sleep at night. Is there no way we can stop this and override their decision?

The majority of MPs, from whatever party, have already proved themselves to be immoral and greedy.

The theory that more money attracts better candidates has proved to be utter rubbish.

Perhaps it is about time that we had an English revolution?

Nancy Davenport

Somerby Hill, Grantham