Grantham Journal letter: Trevor is a talented man

Grantham musician Trevor Leeson EMN-140217-105727001
Grantham musician Trevor Leeson EMN-140217-105727001
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I had the good fortune to see Trevor Leeson performing in Nottingham on Wednesday, February 26 at Beeston British Legion Club.

I had not seen Trevor’s act since 1980, when he appeared at a pub in Netherfield, Nottingham. What struck me was that he had changed only slightly, physically, but as a performer the change was immense.

For the price of a drink or two, the audience was treated to several first-class acts in one talented performer. He was comedian, guitarist, vocalist and raconteur. He had not wasted his time in the intervening years since I saw him last.

When you consider what passes for talent on our TV screens these days it is a mystery why Trevor has not been snapped up by a TV company.

Grantham should be proud of his talents – I know I am.

Don Holmes

Arnold, Nottingham