Grantham Journal letter: Trust not doing us any favours

Grantham Hospital
Grantham Hospital
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The Journal said the temporary closure of Grantham’s A&E was due to a shortage of doctors at Lincoln and Boston and not at Grantham (and gave the figures that proved it).

Our doctors were needed at the other hospitals in the trust. This has been confirmed by a friend who works at Grantham Hospital. Since then it has been stated on television that it is Grantham that is short of staff, giving a completely erroneous impression of our town.

A strategic error was made in making Lincoln and Boston the major hospitals. However pleasant we know the towns and countryside to be, it is regrettably the case that Lincolnshire is thought of in the rest of the country as being very far from anywhere and probably a bit behind the times, to put it politely, so they will always struggle to attract younger staff.

My medical friend asked why anyone would want to work in Lincoln or Boston rather than Grantham, which at least is closer to Nottingham.

Medical services should be flowing towards our hospital, not away from it. It would make sense for our hospital to be expanded into a large site like Lincoln and made the hub of medical services for the region. Being part of the trust doesn’t seem to be doing us any favours.

Mrs Jill Hopkinson

Ermine Street,