Grantham Journal letter: Try using the doorbell!

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Having wasted yet another hour of my life watching the almost comical rummaging of Royal Mail staff as they try and find undelivered parcels at the shambolic Grantham sorting office, it might be worth mentioning that this once trusty service appears to be recruiting among the visually impaired or selecting staff who do not possess the intellectual capacity to recognise a doorbell.

For the second time in as many weeks I have trudged up to our Royal Snail depot to retrieve an undelivered package, despite assurances that the offending delivery person “had been spoken to” and it “won’t happen again.”

Small wonder that we are turning to private courier services rather than receiving red-bordered notes advising us that we were out.

However, we took direct action the next day and waited for the almost inaudible knock on the door - there he stood clutching a package and peering in bewilderment as we pointed out the doorbell inches from his face and pressed the button so he could hear the cheery ring tone.

Let’s see if his IQ extends to remembering the lesson.

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