Grantham Journal letter: Van driver had no shame

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Last Saturday lunchtime I was driving along Wide Westgate with the intention of continuing under the railway bridge and on to Harlaxton Road. My way was blocked at the traffic lights by a white van which was straddling diagonally, my lane and the one to the right.

The driver had obviously changed his mind about the direction in which he wanted to travel, but his way was blocked by vehicles which were already in the other lane - as indeed, was mine by him. I was forced to stop and, as I watched, I saw the driver’s door open, and the driver’s hand - quite deliberately and casually - drop what looked like most of a ham roll on to the road.

When I sounded my horn at the van driver and gestured at the roll on the road, he opened his door a fraction, looked down at the roll, shrugged, closed the door and shook his head wearily at me through his window - as if I was the anti-social one.

He was obviously completely unaware that there was anything wrong in his act of littering. Irrespective of that, who on earth would want to be associated with this sort of behaviour? Not I.

The van was emblazoned with the name of A1 Roofing. I hope that the company’s roofing is not as a slapdash as its public behaviour.

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