Grantham Journal letter: Visitor got a fine welcome

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A work colleague, who lives in Derby, visited me in Grantham last Friday for a training event. Using the directions I sent her, she managed to safely arrive on time in Grantham and headed for the Watergate car park.

When she got to the parking machine, she discovered she didn’t have enough change to purchase a ticket. She quickly walked to Asda, where she purchased a sandwich, giving her ample change from a £10 note.

She quickly returned to the car park and duly purchased a parking ticket. The time taken for her journey to get change being around seven minutes. When she got to her car, she discovered that she had been given a parking fine.

She won’t be returning to Grantham and who could blame her.

Perhaps we can arrange a Park and Ride Scheme for Grantham. Parking in Bourne for free of course.

Ian Stewart

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