Grantham Journal Letter: Walk-in doctor’s surgery - New system works well

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With regard to the letter from ‘Dissatisfied Patient’ (Journal, November 9), I must protest at the unfair and untrue allegations against the Harrowby Lane Surgery, put forward by this unhappy person who is, obviously, a very concerned mother.

I must leap to the defence, however, of this particular surgery who have, I am sure, recently tried very hard to accommodate all patients by rearranging their system. The morning ‘walk-in’ surgery from 8.30 to 10.30, has, I am sure, been introduced in order to alleviate the fully booked appointment system. There is also a new system whereby anyone can request a ‘phone call from a GP for assessment and advice. In addition to this a qualified Nurse Practitioner is there to help with appointments when things get busy.

I have been visiting this surgery since the opening of the first building many years ago (with my late husband who needed lots of help and on my own behalf over the past two years) and I have always found the staff, including the lovely girls in reception, exceedingly helpful at all times.

One more point - I have never seen the surgery ‘jam-packed’ (sic) and, indeed, have attended an ‘almost empty’ building in a calm and reassuring environment.

I would add that a doctor’s surgery is not an A&E department and, as the ‘patient from Sunningdale’ mentioned, there are other options if you are desperate! It would also help if patients cancelled appointments they do not intend to keep (out of common courtesy, surely) thus saving many hours of wasted surgery time and ‘freezing-up’ the system for people like ‘the Sunningdale patient’.

Joan Parnham

Gorse Road, Grantham