Grantham Journal letter: We deserve better from our council

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It is a measure of this council’s incompetence in certain areas that one of Grantham’s most iconic and beautiful retail spaces, The Garden Yard in Union Street, has not been included in the much heralded ‘Shop Local’ map – a glaring omission!

Furthermore, one of the town’s largest independent retailers, Union Interiors in Union Street, is listed as being in Conduit Lane! Can it really be so difficult to get that right, after all, Union Street is where the same council send the business rates bill every month!

One doesn’t want to appear ungrateful for any initiative that promotes the local retail offer but it does beggar belief that the portfolio holder for ‘grow the economy’ and economic development has clearly failed to check the accuracy of the publication before going to press.

We need, deserve and pay for higher levels of professionalism from our elected representatives.

The headline ‘Map is a boost to the town’s local retailers’ regrettably does not apply to this one.

Hans Calvert


Union Interiors and The Garden Yard