Grantham Journal letter: We know little about role of police commissioner

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I was not surprised to read Mr Bruce’s letter about the new Police Commissioner in the Journal - he has got it totally wrong, but it is entirely the fault of the Government, who have ignored the advice of the Electoral Commission and done very little to explain what the changes are all about, and about who is standing as candidates for the post.

It is not “additional bureaucracy” as Mr Bruce states, as there is currently a Police Authority with members placed on it by the political parties, and some independents - The general public has no say who sits on it at all. It is expensive, political, and has a staff including a chief executive, finance manager, etc. That body is disappearing completely, thank goodness, and I would be very disappointed if the new system doesn’t actually produce a saving for us on the current costs we pay. The Police Authority, which does many of the roles Mr Bruce refers to, has failed miserably, and the atrocious amount of money we get from Government for our police force, compared to other countries, is testimony to that. it is also testament to the way the respective political parties have ill treated Lincolnshire and our MPs should hang their heads in shame.

Furthermore we, the people, are voting to appoint the Commissioner, so it is our choice who gets the job, and we can kick politicians out of the job completely, if you do what I intend doing, vote for David Bowles, an Independent candidate with really good credentials and experience. November 15 is the date of a key election that will affect us all - please vote and use your vote wisely. Things could actually get better.

R. Enderby

Hogsthorpe, Lincs