Grantham Journal letter: We need the bypass now!

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I am concerned as to why the planning inspector, R. Punshon, deems it necessary to have in essence a Plan B, involving yet more land, in addition to that outlined in the current proposals for the developments at Southern Quadrant and Poplar Farm.

This is obviously going to incur further delays in starting the East/West relief road and involve further significant costs, to be ultimately funded by the taxpayer.

Despite Mr Punshon’s unhelpful comments about “not being fit for purpose”, I consider the original basic plan drawn up by the planning department, to be well crafted, practical and worthy of proper consideration.

Given the total area of land involved in the Grantham Area Action Plan and the time span required to build up to 7,500 new houses thereon, there seems a great margin of opportunity for adjustments to be made as and when required, without needing to waste time and money with alternative back-up proposals. If Mr Punshon and his “advisors” still require a Plan B, may I suggest a) They look elsewhere - Bourne perhaps! or b) They draw up a Plan B at their own expense and bury the results in a deep pit.

In the meantime, the sooner we get started on the bypass the better!

M. MacGregor

Address supplied, Grantham