Grantham Journal letter: ‘We need to get rid of Grantham MP Nick Boles’

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In response to Nick Boles’ comments on health commissioners (Journal, August 2).

This man beggars belief!

He is now “troubled” that NHS commissioners are not sending patients to the private Renal Services (UK) company in Grantham, whose chairman Tom Sackville, is an ex-minister of Margaret Thatcher’s government (say no more – nudge, nudge, wink, wink!).

More patients being sent here would, of course, be paid for from NHS funds (our money) and, of course, line Mr Sackville’s probably, already very well-lined pockets.

I couldn’t agree more with Stuart Allan’s letter last week, where he hopes a good independent candidate, who does not have to “toe any party line” and therefore actually represent the views of the people of Grantham, comes forward at the next election, gets elected and gets rid of this imbecile for good!

Come on Grantham – you can do it!

Joe Adkins - Lt Col (Retd)

Worcester Road, Grantham