Grantham Journal letter: We’re pretty good drivers

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Earth calling Alison (Journal column, February 22), ban HGVs in rush hour, why? So people can do the school run or get to work on time? Guess what, leave that little bit earlier.

If only you could come out for one day with us HGV drivers you would understand what we do and what good drivers we are.

Most accidents happen because car drivers in a rush, cut us up and expect us to stop on a sixpence. What you don’t know, is that we know what you’re going to do before you do it, so avoid accidents.

Yes, we make mistakes, we’re human. But to ban HGVs in rush hour would result in no milk in the shops, no papers or bread for your early morning tea.

Let’s deliver at night? People who live near a shop or building site would love that. A four-ton truck coming down their street at 2am, 3am, 4am. If you ban them at these times, where does it end? Without trucks you would have nothing as most goods come by road for part of their journey. I suppose it will fall on deaf ears, so as normal we will keep reading comments like yours and feel so appreciated by your thanks.

Very angry truck driver.

Graham Morris

Gorse Hill Lane, Caythorpe