Grantham Journal letter: Were you a member of scooter clubs?

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I’m currently sourcing material for a book that I am writing on Scooter Life in Britain, between 1940 and 1974.

I’m keen to track down ex-members of the Grantham A1 Flyers Lambretta Club, the Grantham Newtonians Scooter Club or the Grantham Scooter Club.

Were you a member of any of these clubs? Do you have any memories of scootering in general, scooter rallies, Lambretta or Vespa Club rallies, sporting events or even continental travel? Maybe you still have photographs and/or memorabilia from those years, that you would let me have a look at?

If you would like to get in touch with me, email scooter or my postal address is 95 Grove Road, Blaby, Leicester, LE8 4DH.

Peter Davies