GRANTHAM JOURNAL LETTER: What is the true Bingham agenda?

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Am I the only one to have growing concerns around the number of regular men and women who gather in certain hot spots around our town to spend their time drinking alcohol?

Whilst most of the time the behaviour of this regular group is not particularly offensive, I personally find their presence rather intimidating, and feel that they do not give a good impression of the town.

Most of the time they keep to themselves, but during the recent Gravity Fields Event in which my husband played a part, they, and one in particular, became abusive and obstructive when an evening rehearsal was taking place outside the Guildhall.

I know that all those involved were disturbed by this and whilst the police were called and eventually community officers arrived and moved him on, I feel it is a great shame for Grantham that more is not done to keep our streets clear of those who gather to drink alcohol regularly.

Again, today I took a walk into town along the river path and on the wooden bridge area just before St Catherines Road is reached, had to squeeze my way past three men drinking from cans of beer/lager . I had to get quite close to them in order to get past, and from the smell of the alcohol and the pile of cans thrown over the fence behind them I would imagine that this is also a regular drinking hot spot.

I felt quite anxious getting past them.

I am not someone who wants to stop others from having a good time, and believe we all have the right to live our lives however we see fit, but I also think that we all have the right to feel safe in our own town, especially in broad daylight. We all need to be aware of how our behaviour affects others.

We have an Addaction branch in Grantham - are they doing enough to help those who have drink and addiction problems? Are our police force aware of this problem but unable to act? Am I the only one to think that it can only get worse if steps are not taken to change things?

Or maybe there are others who would agree with me but are too apathetic to say so.

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