Grantham Journal letter: What were poll figures?

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The article and comments in the Journal (August 30) referred to the percentage of voters in favour of the three designs, and also stated that a “significant” number of people voted for no statue.

It would be interesting to know the actual number of people who voted, compared with the number of people living in Grantham.

I suspect that the majority of Grantham people did not vote and presumably do not care either which design is chosen or even if we have a statue at all.

Percentages are very misleading. Please can we be told the actual figures? And also how many is a “significant “ number?

Tina Negus

Dale Road,


Editor’s note: Pleased to share the figures - we had 116 online votes and 51 coupons returned. Option one had a total of 22 votes, option two 82, option three 16 and option four (the no statue vote) got 47. Virtually 30 per cent of those who voted went for the no statue option, which most people would consider to be a significant number.