Grantham Journal letter: When in Rome...

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Last week’s Journal correspondent “Name supplied” seems to have forgotten, either by accident or design, that we live in a Christian county with an official religion of Church of England and, as such, that is what is mainly taught in our schools.

This is how it was when I was at school and, in my opinion, that is how it should be today.

But that doesn’t mean other doctrines, such as Islam, should be banned or even excluded from our children’s education. More that they should have every opportunity to study all faiths, so they can make up their minds which is for them.

At King’s we had prayers and attended the parish church for our founder’s day services etc, but the actual lesson in class was Divinity and included many different aspects of religion.

Finally, as someone who was brought up to be patriotic, I base my life on the ‘When in Rome’ idealogy and would hope others would respect my views even if they don’t agree with them.

Peter Clawson

Welham Street, Grantham