Grantham Journal letter: Where has this revenue been spent?

Grantham Hospital car park
Grantham Hospital car park
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With the forthcoming parking charge rise at Grantham Hospital and the inevitable rise in parking permit charges for United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust staff, has anyone asked ULHT how the money raised from car parking has actually been spent?

ULHT director of facilities, Paul Boocock, stated that charges need to go up so as not to take away funding from patient care and yet his department has a large and steady flow of income from the staff alone.

The old “It will affect patient care” excuse is rolled out to justify mismanagement.

The ULHT travel plan for staff was implemented two years ago with one of the reasons being that the money raised would be put into car parking facilities and infrastructure.

Grantham Hospital has many areas in dire need of repair with peeling paint, cracks in walls, chunks missing from walls and rotten doors, yet the estates department from its newly-refurbished building constantly says there is no money.

Perhaps the Journal or Coun Wootten can challenge the trust on this issue, ask how much has been raised from the staff tavel plan and ask where this money has gone?

Perhaps the staff or the unions should start challenging these decisions instead of just rolling over and taking it?

The staff of ULHT deserve a great deal more than the Board and directors are giving them.

A trust employee

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