Grantham Journal letter: Who does MP really represent?

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Around 2006, United Lincolnshire Hospital Trust had serious financial problems and people asked for Grantham Hospital to be moved to another hospital trust. Nobody stepped forward to help Grantham Hospital and in 2013, we find Stamford Hospital is in the same position.

At a time when Grantham Hospital is threatened with downgrading in the guise of name change and losing what is left of our maternity unit, our MP Nick Boles thinks it is a good idea to put Stamford Hospital under the Lincolnshire Trust. This would most certainly deplete any funds destined for the hospitals already in ULHT and would not resolve Stamford Hospital’s problems.

Stamford Hospital is in the Peterborough and Stamford NHS Foundation Trust and should remain there. The clue is in the name Mr Boles.

If Mr Boles has any spare time, maybe he would like to support us in the fight to keep the name Grantham Hospital and not the name change as suggested in the minutes of Shaping Health for Mid-Kesteven. We would also like to keep what little is left of our maternity unit. Is this too much to ask Mr Boles?

Linda Jones

By email