Grantham Journal Letter: ‘Why can’t those in authority be fair and honest with us?’

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Many concerned readers may share Coun Ray Wootten’s surprise at being asked by a Keogh Inquiry panel about which hospital he would go to if there was no hospital in Grantham.

This is, of course, a hypothetical question. Equally hypothetical would have been: How quickly could you expand Grantham Hospital to cope with additional patients. But that was not the question asked.

The “guarantee” of Grantham Hospital’s secure future from Allan Kitt (of South West Lincolnshire Clinical Commissing Group) may also cause some surprise, since this local group, however worthy, has rather limited scope and authority; it is almost a sprat in a sea of shark such as the (somewhat suspect) Quality Care Commission, the regulator and, indeed the Keogh Inquiry itself.

While the Lincolnshire Hospitals Trust is on the Keogh list, Grantham Hospital specifically, as far as we know, has no significance in the context of mortality rates and indeed the panel did not concentrate on this, which was the main subject of its remit.

Rather than ask another hypothetical question, why don’t we just ask the politicians, regulators, inquisitor and quangocrats, whom we pay for, simply to be fair and honest with us. anyone listening?

Brian Bruce